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Easy and Quick Process
Quick and Easy Process
Borrow up to $10,000
Borrow up to $10,000
Terms up to 3 years
Terms up to 5 years
Affordable Payment
Affordable Payments

A Wedding and Honeymoon Loan can help any couple start their life together off right.

When committing to a lifetime with someone, you want to feel like you have made all the right decisions. The Skycap Wedding and Honeymoon Loan can help you bring out of town family in for your special day, help you afford the extra little touches for a memorable day, or even help you both unwind afterwards with a relaxing romantic honeymoon.

SkyCap Gives Back

Since 2013, SkyCap Financial has been giving back the community in different ways. From the annual Toy Drive for local children to donating to cancer rides and walks, SkyCap Financial strives to help people in need not only in our local community, but across Canada.


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  • Loan amortization from 9-60 months
  • APR from 12.99% to 39.99%
  • Example: $1000 borrowed for 12 months at 29.99% Monthly payment: $97.48; Total cost of borrowing: $169.79