About Us

SkyCap Financial is a personal loan provider offering alternative financing to Canadians since 2013.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, SkyCap endeavours to offer a better lending experience to its customers through a quick and easy online loan application process, that in most cases can be completed in just five minutes. Recognizing that people sometimes fall into difficult financial situations, SkyCap Financial specializes in helping people with low credit or poor credit get the financial assistance they need, offering short-term loans ranging from $500 to $10,000.

Your credibility, stability and current income

are the main factors SkyCap Financial uses in determining loan eligibility. Once your application has been approved, the funds are deposited directly into your bank account; no waiting for a cheque to arrive in the mail. SkyCap Financial believes in treating its customers well and that means you always get a quick decision and you get your money fast.

After the money is distributed, SkyCap Financial sets up an automatic payment program, so the loan payments are withdrawn from your account on a regular schedule. You don’t need to worry about missing a payment.

Contact SkyCap Financial

SkyCap Financial’s customer service team is readily available for assistance and can be reached at 1-877-924-4557.

SkyCap University

SkyCap Financial also provides SkyCap University, a free online course aimed at improving financial literacy for SkyCap Financial clients. The course covers several basic financial topics such as creating a budget, dealing with credit and loans, and preparing for retirement.

Once clients have completed the course and have a perfect payment history, they are rewarded with a reduced interest rate. It is a win-win situation for SkyCap Financial clients, learning practical financial skills and getting the opportunity to save money at the same time.


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Interest rates and total cost of borrowing are dependent on a borrower's credit history. SkyCap reserves the right to approve or decline an applicant based on SkyCap's internal underwriting guidelines and procedures. Not all applicants are approved.

  • Loan amortization from 9-60 months
  • APR from 12.99% to 39.99%
  • Example: $1000 borrowed for 12 months at 29.99% Monthly payment: $97.48; Total cost of borrowing: $169.79