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SkyCap Financial provides customers with loans when they have most likely been turned down by the bank. We will carefully consider your current circumstance rather than just your past credit history. Fill our easy application process to get a quick decision and get you the funding you need to get the cover your dental expenses.



Understanding Debt-to-Income Ratios when Applying for a Personal Loan

Lenders often consider your debt-to-income ratio when applying for a personal loan to ensure you can handle the additional financial burden. Knowing how debt-to-income ratios work and what factors are included in the calculation can give you a better understanding… Continue Reading →

Is Debt Consolidation Good For Your Credit Score?

It’s no secret that debt can be overwhelming and challenging to manage, but the right strategy and help can reduce your debt and improve your credit score. Debt consolidation is one of the options available for those who want to… Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Debt Consolidation

Have you considered taking out a debt consolidation loan to streamline your financial situation? It can be a great way to simplify your monthly payments and reduce the amount you pay in interest each month. But, like all other financial… Continue Reading →

How To Get Back On Track After A Financial Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes, but the consequences can be particularly damaging when it comes to financial mistakes. Whether you have gone into debt from reckless spending or have simply been hit with an unexpected expense, getting back on track with your… Continue Reading →

Can I Consolidate My Debt If I Have Bad Credit?

If you are struggling with multiple debts and bad credit, you may wonder if consolidating debt is an option. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the potential options that may be available to help you restructure your debt… Continue Reading →

How To Use An Installment Loan For Debt Consolidation

Are you faced with too much debt and looking for a way to consolidate it? An installment loan may be the answer!  Debt consolidation loans are a great way of getting your finances back on track and help secure your… Continue Reading →

How To Consolidate Your Debt And Save Money

If you’re struggling with debt, consolidating your loans can be a great way to save money and get back on track. debt consolidation loans can help you save money on interest, reduce your monthly payments, and get out of debt… Continue Reading →

Understanding Debt Consolidation: Is a Short-Term Loan Right for You?

Are you bogged down by multiple debts but don’t know where to turn? If so, then debt consolidation may be the solution for you. Debt consolidation is a process of combining multiple high-interest loans into one lump sum with a… Continue Reading →

Money Management Tips for Borrowers

Are you a borrower looking to become more financially secure? Do you want to be able to manage your money effectively and efficiently? Whether getting out of debt or saving up for a big purchase, taking control of your financial… Continue Reading →

What is debt consolidation, and how can it help my credit score?

Today, many people are over-extended on their loans and credit cards. This means that there’s a generation of Canadians who may never be able to get out of debt. If you are the type of person who has been paying… Continue Reading →

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  • Loan amortization from 9-60 months
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  • Example: $1000 borrowed for 12 months at 29.99% Monthly payment: $97.48; Total cost of borrowing: $169.79